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14k Gold Diamond Bar Ring

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Product Description

Adorned with VVS-grade diamonds, each facet of this ring captures and reflects light in the most extraordinary way. The VVS Diamond Bar Ring is more than an accessory it's the embodiment of modern luxury. Offered in 14k & 18k solid Gold with four 2.2mm diamonds. The bar ring is inspired by the architecture of New York City, the ring's glisten will make you fall in love with the sheer beauty and elegance of the diamond bar ring. 

  • Vvs1/Def Hand-Selected Lab Grown Diamonds
  • Solid 14k & 18k Gold
  • Affordable Diamond Ring
  • Handcrafted & hand-set
  • Ecofrieldy 

*Altought the bar ring is very inexpensive it is still 100% handcrafted and comes with very high quality vvs diamonds, so the price does not comprimise the quality of the ring! 



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