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Vvs1 diamonds available in 14k & 18k gold

3.1cts of vs1 diamonds in a 18k gold setting 

Vs1 diamonds set in a riveria style tennis choker

Vvs1 diamonds in a 14k gold bar necklace

Lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled laboratory environments, which means they are not associated with the ethical & enviromental concerns of diamond mining. The process produces virtually no emissions. 

Lab-grown diamonds are typically of high quality, with consistent clarity, color, and cut they are also free from impurities and inclusions, which can be more common in natural diamonds.

This affordability makes high-quality diamonds accessible to a wider range of consumers who may have previously been priced out of the market. A diamond that would cost 5000$ natural would be 2000$ lab 

Our showroom is located in the heart of the old port of Montreal we schedule appointments based on your availabilities. If you'd like to try on jewellery we have in stock or meet to dicuss a custom piece, we will always have our doors open to you.

Indulge in the opulence of our showroom and let the magic of our jewelry ignite your passion for elegance. Welcome to a world where luxury meets grace, and dreams are adorned with brilliance.

Vvs1 lab grown diamonds set in 14k gold

Marquise cut vs1 diamonds in a 18k gold setting 

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